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Who we are at Translation Company UK, inc. is incorporated in the Seychelles and can be visited at

The company’s expert lead translator is Christian Vandersmissen, a French-speaking Belgian, who resides in Saint Raphaël, France and works from his office in Fréjus. Marc Heinrich is a seasoned professional translator who has been working with him for the last ten years. A team of very qualified senior translators are also on board.

All our translations are done by native French speakers, most of whom have a degree in translation from an accredited institution. Most live in France. As a team, we translate millions of words per year for the automotive industry and its broad range of vehicles, products and services ranging from excavators and grass mowers to information technology and audio materials, to name a few.

We are currently setting up new work methods to meet the needs of our major translation agency customers.

Our work methods

– A customer order is confirmed and entered in the planning schedule by the office.

– After the original files are converted as needed to SDLX format along with any memory and database files, we upload them to our ftp site for assignment to translators.

– The translators record their dictated French translation as a WAV file with a digital recorder and then upload the sound files to the ftp site.

– EDP assistants process the documents in SDLX and upload them to the ftp site.

– Proofreaders read and correct the target text and upload it to the site.

– Office assistants convert the text as needed to Trados, send the file(s) to the customer and wrap up the scheduling.

Coordination, scheduling, instructions, and documentation

The scheduling procedure centralizes the entire translation workflow process from entering work orders through invoicing and payment. Work methods, documentation, style guides, standing instructions, and general and specific Translation Company UK customer glossaries are shared through the ftp site.


Online documentation shared by, inc. translators

1,700 pages of definitions/explanations in English of British/American English technical terms used in auto manuals. (Source: John Barach).

Translation into Continental and Canadian French of British/American English technical terms. (Source: Termium, Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique)

French-English glossaries of major manufacturer brands/models

In-house translation memories, built up as per our requirements

French repair manuals

In-house French-English (France-Canada) glossary built up over twenty years

Software for converting American and British measurement units.

Universal currency converter

Translation memory software

SDLX is used company-wide with Trados conversion (import/export) based on what customers and players need and want after an in-depth analysis of the job.


We adhere to SAE Standards and produce translations close to 100% fault free and guarantee:

– adherence to customer instructions including style guides and glossaries

– correct digital data and conversions

– coherent terminology

– direct, active, clear and concise style

– attention to details such as punctuation and spacing

– human and machine spellchecking

Output capability

This work method enables us to translate 30,000 new words per day.

Turnaround time

As we are all seasoned experts in technical translation for the automotive industry, our turnarounds are the shortest on the market. Agreed deadlines are meet. The product manager in the customer’s translation company is informed immediately should there be any deadline issues.


New words: € 0.09 source word

Segments with 70 to 99% translation: 0,045 €

Segments with 100% translation or repetitions: €0.0


Segments with 100% translation and repetitions: €0.02. The previously translated segments are also proofread and corrected as needed to ensure coherence of terminology.

No additional or minimum fees are charged for this.


– We accept all technical translation orders from our “high volume” customers within our sphere of expertise.

– E-mails are responded to within two hours during working hours (Paris time, from 9:00 am to 12 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm) with no annual closing.

– Urgent jobs such as supplements, technical service bulletins and recalls are done on a priority basis.

– Small, one-time jobs under one hundred words are free of charge.

– We never accept translation jobs directly from automobile makers.

– Absolute confidentiality

Payment terms

30 days as from invoice date