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Agen Joker123 Casinos Trade Traffic with

Montreal-based Webstorm Media, a leading Internet gambling marketing firm, has launched a new service that routes unused exit traffic between casinos and gaming sites. The service is called


Here’s how it works: When a visitor leaves a gaming site without playing, a browser window opens in the background. This window contains another CasinoPopup partner, who then trades its exit traffic to other members. For every two visitors that leave their site, they receive one quality player from a partner site.


“Members don’t have to worry about losing loyal clients,” said Ilan Artzy, director of operations at Montreal-based WebStorm Media. “Regular site visitors aren’t lured away by competitors because the browser window only opens when the user hasn’t played on the current site. CasinoPopup gives members quality traffic in exchange for their ‘wasted’ traffic.”


Artzy said that CasinoPopup applicants are carefully screened to ensure their standing in the industry. Once approved, they receive the HTML code, which is easily added to their web sites. Members can track their statistics, checking the quantity and quality of the traffic. Statistics are provided online, in real-time, using member tracking codes.


“Recovering players from other good sites in the industry is an ingenious way to share leads without jeopardizing our established clientele,” said John Dunkley from Ace King Club Casino. “Highly targeted gaming traffic is valuable to us and it only makes sense to circulate prospective players.”


Similar exit traffic services are offered by Gambling Tour and Cluster Traffic.…