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Full Tilt Poker Allegations Loom Large

The biggest news of this past week in the gaming law arena has to be the accusations against Full Tilt Poker. The U.S. Justice Department has deemed Full Tilt a global Ponzi scheme that defrauded countless online poker players to the tune of over $300 million.
It has been said that the 23 owners of the site took out $444 million in self payments. Receiving the largest amount of this money were Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Rafe Furst, and Raymond Bitar. They allegedly received $38 million, $24 million, $12 million, and $40 million respectively.
The Department of Justice states that on March 31st of this year, Full Tilt Poker owed its players $390 million but only had $60 million in its bank accounts. Furthermore, Lederer apparently told other Full Tilt insiders that the company had only $6 million in the bank but had liabilities of over $300 million.
It comes as no surprise that the Alderney Gambling Control crypto gambling is rumored to be planning to revoke Full Tilt Poker’s gaming license for good. This would likely be the end of the gaming site as it would then be nearly impossible to find an investor.

American Gambling Association President Looking for Poker Regulation
The president of the American Gambling Association (AGA), Frank Frank Fahrenkopf, is trying to find out exactly how long Full Tilt was robbing its players for. He also wants to know exactly for how much. He would use these figures to help lobby for U.S. laws that …

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keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders

It’s time for another Bodog keluar sgp Poker Leaderboard update. We’re now past the midpoint of October, which means that the monthly standings will be fairly well established and we are starting to have an idea of who will end up in the top 30 for the October race. Let’s take a closer look.
First off, here were the top three of the weekly leaderboard from last week:

1. boondock11 – 1811 pts
2. shawncarter – 1595 pts
3. WillyNilly – 1563 pts

Although he lost the lead the day after I wrote about this leaderboard last Friday, boondock11 was able to regain the top spot and finish the week in 1st place. His prize was the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. shawncarter kept his 2nd place spot for the rest of the week and finished 216 points behind boondock11, and WillyNilly moved up 6 spots from last week to finish in 3rd and round out the top 3 for the week.

Let’s move on to the current week. Here is the newest weekly leaderboard top ten:

1. willedtowin – 1690 pts
2. grewsum2sum – 1671 pts
3. thrtyftj – 1190 pts
4. RICHA63 – 1167 pts
5. papastacks – 1142 pts
6. andyvanslyke – 1074 pts
7. quietwinner – 1038 pts
8. Dannenmann – 1012 pts
9. scunyun – 990 pts
10. UFgator83 – 954 pts

willedtowin has a small lead over grewsum2sum and is currently in 1st place. I haven’t seen much of willedtowin …

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togel hongkong hari ini Variations: Spanish 21

Okay. So you’ve learned all of the rules of blackjack and have memorized togel hongkong hari ini basic strategy, including when to split pairs, and what to do with stiff hands, soft hands, hard hands and everything else. You may even count cards. You excitedly head to the casino and go toward the blackjack area only to find a game called Spanish 21.


What in the world is Spanish 21? Well, there are many different variations on the game of blackjack, with the most popular being pontoon and Spanish 21. The gameplay in Spanish 21 is basically the same, including basic strategy, but there are some big differences. Here’s what you need to know about the game.


The biggest difference between Spanish 21 and traditional blackjack is the deck. Traditional blackjack uses a standard 52-card deck. Spanish 21, however, uses a deck with 48 cards, which is accomplished by removing the four tens. Removing those tens tilts the odds farther in favor of the house, but don’t worry. There are other variations that help even that out.


Cards have the same value in Spanish 21 as in traditional blackjack, with aces standing for 1 or 11, face cards standing for 10 and every other card having its face value. The biggest difference in favor of the player is that a player 21 always wins in Spanish 21. In this variation, if you have a 21, you win no matter what the dealer has. With traditional blackjack, on …

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Poker Faces: The Life and Work of Professional Card Players

David Hayano is a cultural anthropologist by profession. He studies people and the societies that they form. David Hayano is also a poker player. During the 1970s he was a “regular” at the Gardena poker clubs in Los Angeles County. As he spent more time playing poker in public card rooms, he couldn’t help but consider the people he met as a society. After considerable interest in some preliminary reporting he had done about this poker society, Hayano got to work on a systematic exploration of that culture. The result is the book Poker Faces: The Life and Work of Professional Card Players.

Poker Faces is unlike any other poker book I’ve ever read. This is neither a guide on how to win at the tables, nor is it a collection of stories or examination of the colorful characters that inhabit the places where poker is played. This is a scholarly work, exploring the types of people who regularly inhabit California card rooms. While it does not require an advanced degree in the social sciences to understand this book, it is not light reading either. Poker Faces is aimed at a narrower audience than the average “How to Win Huge at Poker” treatise.

While the book is focused on “professional” poker players, it is difficult to objectively judge who fits this categorization and who doesn’t. This is a pitfall the author understands well, but the classification of professional in this book is largely one of self-selection, and perhaps “card room …

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How Can You Preserve a Diamond Painting?

Is There Something I Can Use To Finish & Seal Diamond Painting?

Every diamond painter knows the feeling: You have just finished a masterpiece of art you have been working on for weeks. Your painting is beautiful, with every gem sparkling and perfectly in place. You go through the laborious process of mounting your painting on the wall, and it looks fantastic. You take detours around your house specifically so you can walk through the room it is in and admire it. You have never been so proud of anything you have created in your life. But one day, as you are passing through, you see it – one gem is missing. You find the gem on the floor. The next day, three more gems are gone, and your cat has batted the gems under the couch before you can pick them all up. What is happening?? Your beautiful piece of art is falling apart!

It is a common theme in diamond painting. While the gems are designed to stick to the canvas forever, it is only natural that over time, gravity will begin to take its toll on your masterpiece. Slowly, gems will begin to fall. You may be thinking, what is even the point of taking up diamond painting if my final product will lose its sparkle over time? But the thing is, not every painting needs to gradually lose its luster. There are steps an expert diamond painter can take to protect their artwork and ensure …

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Who we are at Translation Company UK, inc. is incorporated in the Seychelles and can be visited at

The company’s expert lead translator is Christian Vandersmissen, a French-speaking Belgian, who resides in Saint Raphaël, France and works from his office in Fréjus. Marc Heinrich is a seasoned professional translator who has been working with him for the last ten years. A team of very qualified senior translators are also on board.

All our translations are done by native French speakers, most of whom have a degree in translation from an accredited institution. Most live in France. As a team, we translate millions of words per year for the automotive industry and its broad range of vehicles, products and services ranging from excavators and grass mowers to information technology and audio materials, to name a few.

We are currently setting up new work methods to meet the needs of our major translation agency customers.

Our work methods

– A customer order is confirmed and entered in the planning schedule by the office.

– After the original files are converted as needed to SDLX format along with any memory and database files, we upload them to our ftp site for assignment to translators.

– The translators record their dictated French translation as a WAV file with a digital recorder and then upload the sound files to the ftp site.

– EDP assistants process the documents in SDLX and upload them to the ftp site.

– Proofreaders read and correct the target text and upload it to the …

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The Key to Success in Texas Hold’em

Various “experts” may disagree on the relative importance of different factors in becoming a successful Texas Hold ‘Em player, but high on everyone’s list is the ability to make correct decisions about which starting hands are worth playing.


While one can err in the direction of being too tight (i.e., playing too few hands), most observers would agree that beginning Hold ‘Em players are much more likely to err in the opposite direction and play too many hands. In all poker variations, especially at the lower limits, the newcomer will pay a higher penalty for being too loose than being too tight. Given this proclivity to play too many hands and the unpleasant consequences of this behavior, it is probably excellent advice for the beginning player to pay special attention to the task of identifying hands that have the best chances of winning the money. There will come a time when other factors, such as the desire to be deceptive, the need to “play the players,” post-flop strategies, the significance of position, the importance of “table image,” etc., will need to be mastered, but these are complex and subtle issues that are very difficult to quantify.


Fortunately for the novice, one skill that lends itself to fairly easy quantification is the question of determining worthwhile starting hands. What follows is a very easy method of using simple math to objectively identify winning hands.


STEP ONE: Add the value of your two cards using the scale below:


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10 tips untuk mendapatkan bonus Togel Hongkong sambil menjaga kasino tetap bahagia

Jika ada sesuatu yang dibenci kasino, itu adalah seseorang yang bermain hanya untuk mendapatkan bonus.

Memang, mereka membawanya pada diri mereka sendiri untuk menawarkan bonus di tempat pertama – tapi pasti alasan untuk menawarkan bonus ini adalah agar Anda mencoba permainan mereka, dan mudah-mudahan menjadi pelanggan tetap. Selain itu mereka pasti berharap Anda akan kehilangan semuanya kembali dan banyak lagi …

Namun, ada banyak pemain di luar sana yang dapat memperoleh kehidupan yang layak hanya dengan bermain untuk bonus – memenuhi persyaratan taruhan minimum dan hanya memainkan permainan yang menawarkan tingkat menang/kalah yang mendekati 50-50. Dan jika para pemain ini memberi kasino alasan terkecil untuk mendiskualifikasi mereka, Anda dapat yakin bahwa kasino akan menggunakan opsi itu – terkadang adil, terkadang tidak adil.

Jika Anda berniat bermain hanya untuk bonus, Anda harus menyamarkan permainan Anda agar tidak terkena bendera merah karena suatu alasan atau lainnya. Mungkin Anda harus mengeluarkan sedikit dari keuntungan Anda – tetapi itu sepadan kecuali Anda memiliki kesabaran untuk bertahan selama berminggu-minggu atau berbulan-bulan, dan tanpa hasil yang dijamin.

Dengan mengingat hal itu, berikut adalah beberapa rekomendasi untuk menyamarkan permainan Anda.

Jangan hanya memenuhi persyaratan taruhan minimum mutlak. Karena sebagian besar pemain bagus akan mendapatkan keuntungan setelah memenuhi persyaratan, saya sarankan untuk mengambil sisa keuntungan dan memainkannya sekali atau Pengeluaran HK dua kali lagi – lagi pula, Anda bermain dengan uang mereka sekarang dan Anda bahkan dapat menghasilkan lebih banyak – dan jika Anda kalah, Anda masih mendapatkan investasi awal Anda kembali.

Bersabarlah jika bonus tidak langsung muncul …

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Top 10 Reshuffles On CoinMarketCap: Ethereum vs. Ripple, Nem vs. Litecoin & More Crypto Gambling

As Bitcoin continues to grow, some altcoins are not being left behind either. Last week there was an intense competition on the Top 10 of CoinMarketCap with some casualties being posted.

It was so engrossing to see some old cryptocurrencies uprooted from their longstanding positions. This registered the fact that no entity has a monopoly over a particular position.

Ethereum lost to Ripple

Smart Contract king, Ethereum in a very surprising circumstance lost its long-held number two spot to snowballing Bank Transfer giant Ripple. Fascinatingly, within the week it doubled its value and it was near twice the value of Ethereum.

Rising almost 40 percent, its market cap was over $15 bln. It has now lost almost $2 bln and Ethereum is now closing the gap. Actually, it was the second best-performing cryptocurrency on the top 10 last week.

Yet still, Ripple leads Ether with almost $2 bln in Market Cap. Some analysts in the space are strongly convinced it is likely that it will recover and take back the number two position it nearly monopolized for a couple of years.

It remained to be seen since Ripple keeps making deals with banks around the world expanding its portfolios. Anyway, Ethereum with no doubt as well has become a popular smart contract platform.

NEM pushed Litecoin

In a related development, on Thursday fast-growing NEM also pushed SegWit trailblazer, Litecoin to the fifth rank and became the world’s fourth most valuable digital currency. This was when the Ethereum Token rose a …