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New sbobet Ground


I was deeply scarred by that first blogger intervention last year. The memories are hazy, like a late summer here in the “G”. Worse still there’s a small tatto, shaped like the finger of a dwarf on the front of my brain. Otis and I have a love-hate sorta thing when it comes to booze, we love forcing more damage on each other’s liver, and we hate each other in the morning…sort of like bran cereal in sour milk.

But the worst part of the Vegas bender was the vague suspicion that I’d had a great time. Most of my old Phish shows were just like that, a blank slate with a pleasant aftertaste. I remember chatting up the hookers at the SHERWOOD FOREST, and God sbobet knows I’ll never forget their answer to, “What’s the wierdest thing a John ever asked you to do?” But I have no idea what I injested that night. I always hated the idea that I was a central charater in a drama that I still couldn’t recall.

Fear and Self-Loathing

So tonight I’m taking a different tack. 14 players will invade stately G-manor tonight. We’re running 2 table of 7 each. As usual I’ll be drinking heavily, but this time, I’m taking notes.

BUT G! Isn’t that just what a good blogger does?

I say yes. Which is why Otis and CJ do it. I never have before so this is new ground. BadBlood will also be there and if we’re at different tables, I’ll ask him to take notes from that action.


Good question. Next!


Even better question. I should interview myself sometime. That would be really great TV.

Two things :

1) I’ve been trying to use the 2 or 3 weekly games here to devise a few strategy ideas that I hope will be helpful. They’ll be helpful to me but, one less shot of moonshine would be helpful, and I ain’t taking THAT advice.

2) I think these games have some truly facinating people and, because I enjoy the writing as much as I enjoy the actual poker content on this here blog, I hope they’ll make a pretty interesting post.


Actually, NOT a good question.


Yupperooo! If you have my e-mail send me a cell phone number. If you have my cell phone, give it a buzz. We’re gonna do dial-a-shot about 25 times tonight and I think the stupid buzz will make this thing fun. Get your drink on people.


Final proof that THIS homegame is the best in America.

See you soon.