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Casino pitches as shares jump

BURSWOOD shares have soared to a two-year high, coinciding with a day-long presentation by the casino and resort operator’s key management to Racing and Gaming Minister Nick Griffiths.

The company’s shares closed 3¢ firmer to 91¢ yesterday, continuing  their strong run over the past month as institutional investors led by Perpetual Trustees Australia and Commonwealth Bank have repositioned themselves.

Yesterday’s meeting should have significantly advanced negotiations between Burswood and the Government over a new agreement covering the casino operation, although neither party was commenting last night.


The session, in Burswood’s boardroom, is understood to have included managing director John Schaap and chairman David Young presenting their future vision for the company. It is unclear whether Burswood director and former  Pengeluaran SGP Tattersall’s chief executive Peter Gillooly was involved in the presentation.


Among the key issues Burswood is addressing with the Government are its tax rate, approval to operate additional gaming machines and tables, and the removal of the 10 per cent shareholding cap.


Analysts expect a rerating of Burswood if the cap is removed, especially given that Kerry and close friend Lloyd Williams are both shareholders hovering below the 5 per cent disclosure level.


Burswood pays a flat 15 per cent tax on gross revenues. Its rivals are  taxed more than 15 per cent on their domestic business, but less on their international business which favours their tax agreements over Burswood’s. The other casinos operate poker machines, whereas Burswood is restricted to operating gaming machines based …

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Dalam permainan judi, para petaruh dan bettor pasti sudah tidak samar dalam mendengar kata judi online. S emakin berkembangnya teknologi yang sangat signifikan juga mempengaruhi perkembangan teknologi dalam bermain judi. Perkembangan yang ada menawarkan permainan yang lebih mudah untuk diakses oleh para pemain dan bettor.


Para pemain lama yang tebiasa bermain langsung biasanya akan berdebat dengan pemain yang biasa memainkan judi secara online tentang mana yang lebih unggul, judi kovensional atau apakah judi online. Bahkan beberapa kalangan masyarakat juga banyak yang pro dan kontra mengenai judi online yang sedang marak bermunculan. Maka dari itu mari kupas bersama tentang kelebihan dan benefit lainnya yang didapat dari bermain judi online.


Permainan dalam judi online mulai berkembang dan banyak pilihan yang tersedia untuk dimainkan oleh para petaruh. Dalam jenis-jenis yang tersedia, banyak situs-situs judi online yang memberikan banyak jenis taruhan lagi dalam satu permainan, maka pastikan kamu kenali situs judi online beserta permainan yang disediakan. Apabila kamu sudah mengenali dan mencari informasinya, dapat dipastikan kamu dapat meraup keuntungan dan kemenangan yang sangat banyak. Pada dasarnya para pemain tahu apabila perjudian memiliki potensi untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang banyak, itu mengapa banyak dari mereka yang sangat fokus untuk mencari sumber penghasilan dari judi online. Berikut beberapa keuntungan dan benefit yang didapat oleh pemain saat melakukan kegiatan bertaruh di judi online :




Karena kemudahan dalam mengakses permainan dan bertaruh, menyebabkan para pemain dapat melakukan betting atau taruhan lebih dari satu situs dalam waktu yang bersamaan. Hal …

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CGE Services Corp. in cooperation with Dragonstone Software has announced that Dragon’s Lair 3-D, one of the industry’s most eagerly anticipated software titles, is set to debut at Classic Gaming Expo 2001.


CGE Services Corp. in cooperation with Dragonstone Software has announced that Dragon’s Lair 3-D, one of the industry’s most eagerly anticipated software titles, is set to debut at Classic Gaming Expo 2001.


Based on the record-shattering Dragon’s Lair arcade game which was released in 1983, Dragon’s Lair 3-D is poised to take the videogame industry by storm just as its’ predecessor did. The original game, created by Don Bluth, Rick Dyer, Gary Goldman, and John Pomeroy, has endured for 18 years as one of the most recognizable arcade games ever. In addition to holding the honor of being the world’s first commercially successful laser-disc arcade machine, Dragon’s Lair is one of three games on display in the Smithsonian Institute, the other two being Pong and Pac-Man.


The games’ creators have formed Dragon’s Lair LLC. as well as Dragonstone Software, a development house ready to bring out top quality software titles for the PC, Mac, PS2, and X-Box platforms. Dragon’s Lair 3-D will be the first release and players will again assume the role of the brave knight, Dirk the Daring, as he fights to save princess Daphne. “With our current 3-D technology, we can give the player complete control over Dirk, with the ability to fully explore the castle in his quest to rescue the …

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Slot Poker Essays Volume III

Mason Malmuth has been one of the most prolific poker writers over the last twenty years. Every few years, he collects the best articles he has written, revises them, and publishes them as the next installment in his Poker Essays series. Poker Essays Volume III represents what Malmuth thinks were his best essays to have appeared in the magazines Poker Digest and Card Player as well as on the Two Plus Two web site over the last five years.


The articles are divided into seven sections, more to break up the book I think than because the categories are all that important. The sections include General Concepts, Technical Ideas, Strategic Ideas, In the Cardrooms, Hands to Talk About, The Ciaffone Quiz, and Two More Quizzes. If these categories seem familiar, it’s because five of them have appeared in all three volumes of the author’s Poker Essays series.


As one would expect from Malmuth, most of these essays are quite good, although they tend to not be as fundamental as the authors work in Slot Gambling Theory and Other Topics or even the earlier Poker Essays books. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as the author has laid the groundwork for his ideas on poker in his previous works. The articles in Poker Essays Volume III are predominantly focusing on refining ideas Malmuth (sometimes with David Sklansky) has presented in earlier books, or they compare or evaluate key concepts or situations.


Because of this, the reader would probably be …

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If You Can’t Raise in Sbobet Indonesia, Don’t Call At No Time

Poker player 1: How did you do last night?

Poker player 2: I was in the best 30-60 I have ever seen. Every pot was Capped. Nine way on the turn. Three guys played every hand to the river. It was amazing. They had a list a mile long to get in. It was great.

Poker player 1: How much did you lose?

It’ s an old Las Vegas story, one told hundreds of times. And its true. Many lessons can be learned from it. How do you beat a wild and crazy game? Don’t even try. Instead, look around for one that is more controllable. That is, one that you can control. One where your fellow players fear you and give you respect. You need to be feared.

It’s a controversial issue. I’ve never done well in a wild game. I can’t beat the drunk at the table, nor the newbie, nor the stud player playing hold ’em for the first time. There are reasons for this and most of them funny. One incident involved a ‘new’ form of poker.

From the state of Washington, a woman named Gwen brought a new sbobet88  poker game to Vegas called Omaha. It became all the rage. First, it started out at 10-20. But so many people busted out, they dropped it to 2-4 where it became a staple for several years. I can still hear Doug Dalton calling out “there’s a seat open in 10-20, and for those of you who …

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Europe’s most popular ligaz888 game, roulette, must be played precisely to have a chance to win

Roulette players are often the most studious of all gamblers. You’ll find them at the oblong roulette table hunched over a pad, carefully distributing their chips in a predetermined pattern only they understand. As the dealer spins the ball around the wheel, they stare at it as if they’re hopes and dreams can influence where the ball falls. When their bets are swept away, they turn again to the pad that only records where they’ve been, not where they’re going.

French Twist

The roots of roulette can be traced back to prehistoric China, the French monks. In the 17th century, a French scientist, Blaise Pascal, who invented the first calculator, introduced a primitive version of roulette.

It wasn’t until 1842, when Francois and Louis Blanc invented the single “0” roulette game. Ironically, the French brothers were forced to offer the game in Hamburg, Germany, since gambling was illegal in France at the time. The new game decimated the competition, which were offering an earlier version that feature higher odds. After Louis died, Francois was invited by the Prince of Monaco, Charles III, for whom Monte Carlo is named, to bring his game to the principality in southern France. Francois and his son Camille developed Monte Carlo into the world-famous resort we know today.

When roulette came to the U.S. in the early 1800s, the Blanc’s improvements were deleted, and a double “00” returned. For a while, in fact, slick American operators added a triple “000,” tripling the house edge and …

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Basics of UFA Handicapping

Step 1: Finding a bookmaker

Before you start your basketball wagering you will first have to find someone to take your action; hence, enter the bookmaker!

If you live in Nevada, England, Mexico, Australia, or any one of many other jurisdictions throughout the world, you can do it legally. The rest of us, if we want to stay within the law, will have to go with one of the many offshore betting establishments, and there are many to choose from. However, and this is a big however, be careful! This is an unregulated and therefore somewhat chancy industry with a bevy of scam artists out there. Find a bookmaker that’s been around for a while, hopefully one that comes recommended to you from someone you know. If you’re having difficulty you can contact me or note the fine establishments advertising in Gambling Times.

Step 2: How does it work?

The standard cost (vigorish) for betting on basketball is roughly 4½% for the house. You may find some variations both ways if you shop around. Generally speaking, the online bookmakers give the best betting prices to the public.

For the novice reading this article, when you bet on basketball games with a bookmaker you will have to win by the pointspread. The pointspread is a value system assigned to the teams playing, based on which team is perceived to be the better. For example, if the Lakers are playing the UFA Kings the odds may be around seven points. The Lakers …

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Third Big Win in 3 Weeks at Judi Online Terpercaya Jackpot Mania

Jackpot Mania – Jackpot Mania has been hit for an unprecedented third big progressive jackpot in as many weeks as ‘WEEYUM’ claimed US$208,059.25 on The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino’s Caribbean Poker.

‘WEEYUM’ plans to donate a portion of the $208,059.25 jackpot to the Red Cross to assist U.S. terrorism victims. The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino will match ‘WEEYUM’’s donation dollar for dollar.

“‘Oh my god’ was all I could think,” said the generous ‘WEEYUM.’ “I’ve been to many land and sea-based casinos but this is the first Royal Flush I’d ever personally seen. All clubs!” “The win marks the second time a player has hit a progressive jackpot at The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino in September. On September 3, ‘BOBO’ set the online progressive jackpot world record with a $414,119.22 win while playing Rags to Riches slots. The slot was also hit for $111,820.80 by InterCasino player ‘stash’ on September 8, 2001.

“I guess the saying that lightning never strikes in the same place twice does not hold true for us. This is the second progressive jackpot won by our Toto SGP  players in the past two weeks and the fourth thus far this year!” said Gwen Salmon, Director of Finance for The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino.

Jackpot Mania links progressive jackpots from Internet casinos around the globe and is the world-leading provider of high-paying online games. runs real-time tallies displaying each growing jackpot as games are played simultaneously across these …

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Mad Marty’s Wild Card

Nobody Said it Was Gonna be Easy


I was chatting with Jesse May at the hotel bar in Cardiff, where we both were working on the Celebrity Poker Club. We reflected on the fact that the studios that we were working in were where we first met six years ago at the first Late Night Poker. We both agreed that to be a successful gambler, you must constantly adapt and create new sources of income, as nothing stays the same. This is certainly true about the way I bet on horses. Now, with the introduction of the betting exchanges, I can sit in my office surrounded by computers, televisions, and my videotapes. It’s a far cry from when I traveled around the country just to get a bet on.


The place of choice back then was governed by where the best poker tournament was being held. We then had to find an area to bet in that fitted all of our needs. There had to be a street with at least two betting shops, so if we were refused a bet, we could run around the corner. This became easier when everyone had a mobile phone and I had a crew of people with me. There also had to be a bank, for obvious reasons. And as no gambler goes out believing he will lose, there needed to be a secure, well-lit car park should we be carrying large amounts of cash.


One particular time, I was …

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Emirates fly from Judi Online FIFA 



Emirates Airlines has withdrawn from sponsoring the World Cup.


The Dubai-based company was one of FIFA’s six ‘Tier One’ major World Cup sponsors along with Coca-Cola, Visa, Hyundai/Kia, Sony and Adidas.


Their press release gave little away: “This decision was made,” it explained, “following an evaluation of FIFA’s contract proposal which did not meet Emirates’ expectations.”


However, it would be a surprise if the volte-face was not down to the continuingly negative news surrounding FIFA’s notorious double World Cup vote in 2010.


Emirates not only had the 2022 tournament on their doorstep in Qatar but are already heavily involved in football, sponsoring many tournaments and high-profile teams including Real Madrid, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal, whose stadium is named after the airline.


None of the six big sponsors look good in the light of relentless corruption stories, but only Sony has so far hinted at following Emirates’ lead. Second-tier sponsors BP and Budweiser have expressed worries about FIFA’s soiled reputation.


Hitting football’s governing body where it hurts, in the pocket, is perhaps the only hope of washing away the den of thieves who have run football for too long.


Visa, Sony and Adidas, whose relationship with Judi Online FIFA is apparently umbilical since the founder’s son Horst Dassler befriended FIFA boss Joao Havelange, expressed concern at the corruption allegations back in the summer.


Yet Qatar Airways and Samsung are rumoured to be willing to step in to form part of …