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Poker Faces: The Life and Work of Professional Card Players

David Hayano is a cultural anthropologist by profession. He studies people and the societies that they form. David Hayano is also a poker player. During the 1970s he was a “regular” at the Gardena poker clubs in Los Angeles County. As he spent more time playing poker in public card rooms, he couldn’t help but consider the people he met as a society. After considerable interest in some preliminary reporting he had done about this poker society, Hayano got to work on a systematic exploration of that culture. The result is the book Poker Faces: The Life and Work of Professional Card Players.

Poker Faces is unlike any other poker book I’ve ever read. This is neither a guide on how to win at the tables, nor is it a collection of stories or examination of the colorful characters that inhabit the places where poker is played. This is a scholarly work, exploring the types of people who regularly inhabit California card rooms. While it does not require an advanced degree in the social sciences to understand this book, it is not light reading either. Poker Faces is aimed at a narrower audience than the average “How to Win Huge at Poker” treatise.

While the book is focused on “professional” poker players, it is difficult to objectively judge who fits this categorization and who doesn’t. This is a pitfall the author understands well, but the classification of professional in this book is largely one of self-selection, and perhaps “card room …

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10 tips untuk mendapatkan bonus Togel Hongkong sambil menjaga kasino tetap bahagia

Jika ada sesuatu yang dibenci kasino, itu adalah seseorang yang bermain hanya untuk mendapatkan bonus.

Memang, mereka membawanya pada diri mereka sendiri untuk menawarkan bonus di tempat pertama – tapi pasti alasan untuk menawarkan bonus ini adalah agar Anda mencoba permainan mereka, dan mudah-mudahan menjadi pelanggan tetap. Selain itu mereka pasti berharap Anda akan kehilangan semuanya kembali dan banyak lagi …

Namun, ada banyak pemain di luar sana yang dapat memperoleh kehidupan yang layak hanya dengan bermain untuk bonus – memenuhi persyaratan taruhan minimum dan hanya memainkan permainan yang menawarkan tingkat menang/kalah yang mendekati 50-50. Dan jika para pemain ini memberi kasino alasan terkecil untuk mendiskualifikasi mereka, Anda dapat yakin bahwa kasino akan menggunakan opsi itu – terkadang adil, terkadang tidak adil.

Jika Anda berniat bermain hanya untuk bonus, Anda harus menyamarkan permainan Anda agar tidak terkena bendera merah karena suatu alasan atau lainnya. Mungkin Anda harus mengeluarkan sedikit dari keuntungan Anda – tetapi itu sepadan kecuali Anda memiliki kesabaran untuk bertahan selama berminggu-minggu atau berbulan-bulan, dan tanpa hasil yang dijamin.

Dengan mengingat hal itu, berikut adalah beberapa rekomendasi untuk menyamarkan permainan Anda.

Jangan hanya memenuhi persyaratan taruhan minimum mutlak. Karena sebagian besar pemain bagus akan mendapatkan keuntungan setelah memenuhi persyaratan, saya sarankan untuk mengambil sisa keuntungan dan memainkannya sekali atau Pengeluaran HK dua kali lagi – lagi pula, Anda bermain dengan uang mereka sekarang dan Anda bahkan dapat menghasilkan lebih banyak – dan jika Anda kalah, Anda masih mendapatkan investasi awal Anda kembali.

Bersabarlah jika bonus tidak langsung muncul …

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Top 10 Reshuffles On CoinMarketCap: Ethereum vs. Ripple, Nem vs. Litecoin & More Crypto Gambling

As Bitcoin continues to grow, some altcoins are not being left behind either. Last week there was an intense competition on the Top 10 of CoinMarketCap with some casualties being posted.

It was so engrossing to see some old cryptocurrencies uprooted from their longstanding positions. This registered the fact that no entity has a monopoly over a particular position.

Ethereum lost to Ripple

Smart Contract king, Ethereum in a very surprising circumstance lost its long-held number two spot to snowballing Bank Transfer giant Ripple. Fascinatingly, within the week it doubled its value and it was near twice the value of Ethereum.

Rising almost 40 percent, its market cap was over $15 bln. It has now lost almost $2 bln and Ethereum is now closing the gap. Actually, it was the second best-performing cryptocurrency on the top 10 last week.

Yet still, Ripple leads Ether with almost $2 bln in Market Cap. Some analysts in the space are strongly convinced it is likely that it will recover and take back the number two position it nearly monopolized for a couple of years.

It remained to be seen since Ripple keeps making deals with banks around the world expanding its portfolios. Anyway, Ethereum with no doubt as well has become a popular smart contract platform.

NEM pushed Litecoin

In a related development, on Thursday fast-growing NEM also pushed SegWit trailblazer, Litecoin to the fifth rank and became the world’s fourth most valuable digital currency. This was when the Ethereum Token rose a …

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BitPay Inc, one of Bitcoin’s lead payment processing companies, has just announced that it has surpassed 10,000 merchants. BitPay now provides services to merchants in 164 countries with approximately 50 in North America, 25 in Europe, and 25 in the rest of the World.


During the month of August, BitPay processed over 10,000 transactions reaching a total value of over $6.4 million. As Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream many merchants are looking for expedient ways to sell products for BTC and BitPay is on the radar. With a Year-to-date in 2013 of over $34 million worth of bitcoins, a variety of merchants ranging from large companies such as Gyft to small mom and pop brick and mortar vendors are using BitPay’s platform.


BitPay’s latest development provides merchants using the popular Quickbooks small business accounting software an opportunity to import BitPay sales.


BitPay published the following press release:


BitPay Surpasses 10,000 Bitcoin Accepting Merchants


Adds Support for Quickbooks Import of Bitcoin Sales


BitPay Inc, the world leader in business solutions for virtual currencies, announces it has over 10,000 approved merchants in 164 countries using its service to accept bitcoin payments. This milestone was reached almost exactly one year after the company approved its 1,000th merchant.


The merchants in BitPay’s directory are diverse internationally, with approximately 50 located in North America, 25 in Europe, and 25 in the rest of the world. E-commerce merchants account for over 90 of the business, including consumer electronics, precious …

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Agen Joker123 Casinos Trade Traffic with

Montreal-based Webstorm Media, a leading Internet gambling marketing firm, has launched a new service that routes unused exit traffic between casinos and gaming sites. The service is called


Here’s how it works: When a visitor leaves a gaming site without playing, a browser window opens in the background. This window contains another CasinoPopup partner, who then trades its exit traffic to other members. For every two visitors that leave their site, they receive one quality player from a partner site.


“Members don’t have to worry about losing loyal clients,” said Ilan Artzy, director of operations at Montreal-based WebStorm Media. “Regular site visitors aren’t lured away by competitors because the browser window only opens when the user hasn’t played on the current site. CasinoPopup gives members quality traffic in exchange for their ‘wasted’ traffic.”


Artzy said that CasinoPopup applicants are carefully screened to ensure their standing in the industry. Once approved, they receive the HTML code, which is easily added to their web sites. Members can track their statistics, checking the quantity and quality of the traffic. Statistics are provided online, in real-time, using member tracking codes.


“Recovering players from other good sites in the industry is an ingenious way to share leads without jeopardizing our established clientele,” said John Dunkley from Ace King Club Casino. “Highly targeted gaming traffic is valuable to us and it only makes sense to circulate prospective players.”


Similar exit traffic services are offered by Gambling Tour and Cluster Traffic.…

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Jackpot Madness Singapore Online Casino Payouts Top $30M

The Jackpot Madness Gaming Portal announces that the 70-casino mostbet network has now exceeded a record-smashing $30,000,000 in total jackpot payouts.


The landmark win that pushed the total over thirty million was Lucille pin-up M.’s LotsaLoot jackpot of $53,776.43, won on May 18th at pinup online Casino Mapau. The win was the  61st jackpot of over $50,000 to be won on the Jackpot Madness network this year.


“Passing the $30,000,000 mark firmly establishes FairGo Jackpot Madness as the number one portal for online gaming, and proves, once again, that we are the destination for the net’s biggest mostbet casino jackpots,” says Marilyn Glazier, Director of Public Relations for


“We congratulate Lucille on her first big win, and look forward pin up to seeing her name on our rapidly growing list of multiple jackpot winners. Jackpot Madness players have consistently proved that lightning can strike twice, three times and even more!”


Recent multiple winners to hit the headlines have included six-time LotsaLoot jackpot winner Jean G., who has netted a total of $305,163.73 and the world record for the most times a single player has won a progressive online jackpot; Cash Splash devotee Blake R., who has hit 3 jackpots totaling $272,957.56; and Debbie R., who has won a total of $271,263.24 on three different Jackpot Madness games.


Featuring five popular progressive jackpot games that are played simultaneously by thousands of people, Jackpot Madness awards an average of $2.5 million in jackpots to 100 players …

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Casino pitches as shares jump

BURSWOOD shares have soared to a two-year high, coinciding with a day-long presentation by the casino and resort operator’s key management to Racing and Gaming Minister Nick Griffiths.

The company’s shares closed 3¢ firmer to 91¢ yesterday, continuing  their strong run over the past month as institutional investors led by Perpetual Trustees Australia and Commonwealth Bank have repositioned themselves.

Yesterday’s meeting should have significantly advanced negotiations between Burswood and the Government over a new agreement covering the casino operation, although neither party was commenting last night.


The session, in Burswood’s boardroom, is understood to have included managing director John Schaap and chairman David Young presenting their future vision for the company. It is unclear whether Burswood director and former  Pengeluaran SGP Tattersall’s chief executive Peter Gillooly was involved in the presentation.


Among the key issues Burswood is addressing with the Government are its tax rate, approval to operate additional gaming machines and tables, and the removal of the 10 per cent shareholding cap.


Analysts expect a rerating of Burswood if the cap is removed, especially given that Kerry and close friend Lloyd Williams are both shareholders hovering below the 5 per cent disclosure level.


Burswood pays a flat 15 per cent tax on gross revenues. Its rivals are  taxed more than 15 per cent on their domestic business, but less on their international business which favours their tax agreements over Burswood’s. The other casinos operate poker machines, whereas Burswood is restricted to operating gaming machines based …

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Dalam permainan judi, para petaruh dan bettor pasti sudah tidak samar dalam mendengar kata judi online. S emakin berkembangnya teknologi yang sangat signifikan juga mempengaruhi perkembangan teknologi dalam bermain judi. Perkembangan yang ada menawarkan permainan yang lebih mudah untuk diakses oleh para pemain dan bettor.


Para pemain lama yang tebiasa bermain langsung biasanya akan berdebat dengan pemain yang biasa memainkan judi secara online tentang mana yang lebih unggul, judi kovensional atau apakah judi online. Bahkan beberapa kalangan masyarakat juga banyak yang pro dan kontra mengenai judi online yang sedang marak bermunculan. Maka dari itu mari kupas bersama tentang kelebihan dan benefit lainnya yang didapat dari bermain judi online.


Permainan dalam judi online mulai berkembang dan banyak pilihan yang tersedia untuk dimainkan oleh para petaruh. Dalam jenis-jenis yang tersedia, banyak situs-situs judi online yang memberikan banyak jenis taruhan lagi dalam satu permainan, maka pastikan kamu kenali situs judi online beserta permainan yang disediakan. Apabila kamu sudah mengenali dan mencari informasinya, dapat dipastikan kamu dapat meraup keuntungan dan kemenangan yang sangat banyak. Pada dasarnya para pemain tahu apabila perjudian memiliki potensi untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang banyak, itu mengapa banyak dari mereka yang sangat fokus untuk mencari sumber penghasilan dari judi online. Berikut beberapa keuntungan dan benefit yang didapat oleh pemain saat melakukan kegiatan bertaruh di judi online :




Karena kemudahan dalam mengakses permainan dan bertaruh, menyebabkan para pemain dapat melakukan betting atau taruhan lebih dari satu situs dalam waktu yang bersamaan. Hal …

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CGE Services Corp. in cooperation with Dragonstone Software has announced that Dragon’s Lair 3-D, one of the industry’s most eagerly anticipated software titles, is set to debut at Classic Gaming Expo 2001.


CGE Services Corp. in cooperation with Dragonstone Software has announced that Dragon’s Lair 3-D, one of the industry’s most eagerly anticipated software titles, is set to debut at Classic Gaming Expo 2001.


Based on the record-shattering Dragon’s Lair arcade game which was released in 1983, Dragon’s Lair 3-D is poised to take the videogame industry by storm just as its’ predecessor did. The original game, created by Don Bluth, Rick Dyer, Gary Goldman, and John Pomeroy, has endured for 18 years as one of the most recognizable arcade games ever. In addition to holding the honor of being the world’s first commercially successful laser-disc arcade machine, Dragon’s Lair is one of three games on display in the Smithsonian Institute, the other two being Pong and Pac-Man.


The games’ creators have formed Dragon’s Lair LLC. as well as Dragonstone Software, a development house ready to bring out top quality software titles for the PC, Mac, PS2, and X-Box platforms. Dragon’s Lair 3-D will be the first release and players will again assume the role of the brave knight, Dirk the Daring, as he fights to save princess Daphne. “With our current 3-D technology, we can give the player complete control over Dirk, with the ability to fully explore the castle in his quest to rescue the …